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April 7 - Holy Tuesday - Children's Devotion

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you have a task before you? Like cleaning your room when it's a big mess or a project for school? I kind of feel like that right now. As a Pastor I know how do to Holy Week. I've been trained and I have practiced for years. I could do it in my sleep and I did it last year with my foot in a boot. But this year - I'm kind of lost. And you know what that's okay.

Jesus as he was walking the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday had some overwhelming moments. We'll talk about those on Friday. But in our reading from the Gospel of John 12:27 Jesus says, "now my soul is troubled. And what should I say--' Father, save me from this hour'? No, it is for this reason that I have come to this hour." I had a seminary professor when all of the physical distancing and church closings happened share something that has stuck with me - she said she was tired of hearing Pastors say they were not taught how to pastor in a pandemic. She said, you've been taught pastoral care, church history (what has the church done in previous health crisis [the plagues], you've been taught critical thinking skills, and on and on and on. I never took a class on how to do this all at once but I've learned skills along the way and together I can find a way.

You've never had to do home school when everything was shut down. But you've gone to school with creative situations before, most recently because of Imelda. What can you teach us (grown ups around you and kids outside of HF) on how to adapt? What stories can you share? I wonder what happens when we bring all of our skills together - maybe we won't feel overwhelmed.

Let's pray: God we love you and we know you love us. Help us to see what we can bring to lighten the load others feel so that together we might enjoy the unity we have. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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