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Holy Saturday - Daily Devotion All Ages

As I wake this day I am finding a place to give thanks for the opportunity to do nothing on this day. Usually the Saturday between Good Friday & Easter Sunday is filled with Easter Egg Hunts, shopping for Easter supplies or otherwise preparing for Easter. With shopping and traditional events we have the opportunity to observe this day in ways that would be familiar to the early church. Holy Saturday was a day that was filled with mourning. And perhaps that is just what we need.

Our lives have been turned upside down. I never thought I would spend so much time videoing, uploading, editing, etc., in order for us to worship together. I am happy to do it so that when we come out of this situation we will be stronger in our faith practices. But there is a lot for us to grieve. I remember in the first week as I was preparing packets for those in our community who did not do videos/internet/etc and as I wrote a note on the envelope I did not know if I would see them again. It hit me in ways that I was not prepared for. So as we wait at the tomb, on the day that Christ was not in the world I invite you to name those things you miss and those which you are longing for. And let us sit and wait.

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