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March 26 Adult Devotion

Our passage for today in the book of Exodus 12:14-17 is God explaining how to remember the occasion of the Passover - both the hows, whats & whys? That got me wondering how we will remember this time? Unlike God we cannot know the future. Will we remember boredom, too much togetherness, fear, anxiety, frustration or will we remember the great conversation we had, a new skill that we learned and the gift of time. It is too early to know for sure but we know that our attitude now matters.

As I was reading the scripture I immediately saw the words "no work shall be done on those days" and wistfuly thought - oh that sounds great. There is so much more to think about, to plan for even every day little things - that something like running to the grocery store is complicated. I invite us all to be sure to take some time everyday when we do no work - that we might see the good things that may be happening around us.

Our Gospel reading from Mark 9:30-41 is Jesus foretelling of his death and resurrection along with answering the question of who is the greatest. It is a good reminder to us that for us to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, the crucifixion must happen too. We know that we will move from this time and celebration will occur.

Gracious God, help us to resist the need to be busy all the time so that we might see you in stillness. Watch over us until we may gather in person again. Amen.

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