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Do you like Music?

Then join us as we learn music that fills our souls & space.

Do you like Art?

Then join us as we create scenes, props & other works using mixed media.

Do you like Drama?

Then join us as we act our life & faith.

Do you like Dance?

Then join us as we learn movement & dance that expresses who we are. 

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How it works?

Students can do either or both sessions.

Free of charge

February 16 —March 22

Classes are 45 minutes each.


Grades 1 –5

12:30—1:15 Music & Dance

1:15—2:00 Art & Drama


Grades 6 –12

12:30—1:15 Art & Drama

1:15—2:00 Music & Dance

Sharing of Gifts

Students will be invited to share what they’ve learned on

Sunday, March 29, 2020.


There will be an opportunity to showcase additional work in times and places to be determined by the group.  Participating in MADD will not require students to stand alone or push past where they are comfortable.  All efforts to encourage students to share will be made but not required.

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