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April 8 - Holy Wednesday - Adult Devotion

Today is called Spy Wednesday as we hear the part of the story where Judas spies for the religious authorities to know the plan of Jesus so they can arrest him. (For more info - ). It makes me ponder what was I am a like Judas. Are there times that I choose the easier way out? Are there times when I prioritize things ahead of God. The answer is yes to both of them. I get caught up in my day and forget to pray or when I remember it's only after I've done the things that I think are most important.

Judas gets a bad wrap. But I wonder if it's all on him? We read in the stories on Monday where Jesus' feet were anointed by Mary and how upset Judas was at the waste as he saw it. There is an aside in scripture that says it's because he was in charge of the purse and the implication is that he then couldn't spend the money on what he wanted. What if we take him at face value - what if he really thought about how many people could be fed with what was spent on that gift? The first real fight Josh and I got into was over my engagement ring. Some of you know this story. And if you don't you may be thinking to yourself - does Christie wear an engagement ring. Yes, yes I do. I lost this fight. But hear me out. I didn't want Josh to spend the money - we were in grad school - I could think of lots of other things we could spend money on besides a fancy ring. I told him I was happy with a simply wedding band. Well, he got his way, I in fact love my sapphire engagement ring just as much as I love my $20 sterling silver wedding band.

As we ponder the ways in which we are like Judas, may we also ponder and remember Jesus died for all of us - even those of who deny Jesus, betray Jesus, ignore Jesus and on and on and on. As we head into the next 3 days, may we even in the darkness of the cross remember that Jesus loves us. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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